Reduce costs and risks. Synthesize and align financial and accounting data to increase profitability and transparency. Uncover unexpected insights and make more informed financial decisions.

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Human Resources

Utilize employees strategically. Drive profitability with business partnerships. View labor, benefit and recruitment data holistically across the organization.

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Supply Chain

  • Build accurate market segmentation report and dynamic customer requirement analysis.
  • Generate accurate forecast information based on multiple data source integration.
  • Significant reduce backorder by leveraging supply chain KPI report.
  • Integrate production data with internal upstream and stream department.
  • Streamline the data flow throughout supply chain process.
  • Reduce master data and transaction errors in the business system.
  • Leverage inventory capacity, forecast and customer requirement. 


  • Empower business users to analyze customer information from aggregate level to the transaction level.
  • Exploit market segmentation by providing product combination, forecasting trend and consumer behavior information.
  • Provide friendly visibility to sales team for real time alignment analysis of sales strategy and planning. 
  • Help management team to track sales reps performance, concerns and exceptions. 
  • Gain multiple source to identify potential sales channel, customer and market segmentation.
  • Quickly identify unhealthy and hidden credit risk and assist solve credit issues.