Human Resources

Utilize employees strategically. Drive profitability with business partnerships. View labor, benefit and recruitment data holistically across the organization.

  • Extract and integrate data from fundamental HR function sources and present them into dynamic view. All the data residing in one location reduce the data redundancy and inconsistency. Provided the accurate and dynamic data analysis, HR function has been transformed from operational role to strategic role and playing a significant role in moving business forward.
  • Drive revenue and profits by measuring performance metrics, critical skills, and growth potential. By removing manually reporting and documentation from the daily work, employee can focus on the core business and release from heavy burden of routine work. With increasing working moral and efficiency, revenue and profit gain growth accordingly.
  • Streamline recruitment processes, reduce hiring cost and turnover, and improve retention level by providing flexible tiers of analysis. Choosing right people, doing right screening process and setting up right hiring process are able to build a good starting point for HR business process cycle. Dynamic quantity KPI system help HR understand the importance of data application on enhancing recruitment process.
  • • Provide advanced analysis to present work place performance, resource allocation and work efficiency. How to identify work place satisfaction, employee concerns, and solution? A comprehensive KPI system including staff productivity comparison, training and learning curves, resource optimization analysis and performance evaluation is set up to make measurement more specifically and explicitly.