What We Do

SAP services and consulting

We help you see the possibilities with our SAP services. Even if we know your industry in-depth, our SAP consultants have an open mind. We always remember what makes your business different, and bring a fresh perspective with a clear understanding of your goals. We help you see your people, processes and technology in a new light. This detailed approach and depth of experience set us apart from other IT consultants. It’s how we help you get the most out of your SAP solution and your IT investment.

Hytown has a track-record of success helping our clients leverage the power of SAP to strengthen their business operations and build competitive advantage. Our superior knowledge of SAP® technology ensures that our clients receive the best solutions for their business needs. From initial project scoping to ongoing development and training, we build strong relationships with our client teams to develop a clear understanding of their objectives and help deliver exceptional results.

Project lifecycle

As an effective consulting firm dedicated to SAP services, Hytown helps you achieve the maximum value from your investment, keep you constantly on the cutting edge of SAP offering and provide you with all the expertise you need to keep your systems operating at the maximum performance. Our implementation processes focus our team on the areas of greatest importance to our clients. SAP implementations can be complex, we simplify the process and focus on key area, to minimize risk and maximize return on investment.

Hytown’s SAP End-to-End ERP implementation helps clients move beyond legacy systems to deliver increased production and services with enhanced information systems and provides better visibility across the enterprise. Clients receive a comprehensive ERP process model that integrates Hytown’s best practices with automated business processes and fast-track implementation methodology.